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Home Of The World's Largest Private Collection of Russian/Soviet Aerospace and Technology Memoribilia, and the ONLY officially sanctioned private Aeroflot Collection

I have spent the last 16 years with Aeroflot as a friend, representitive and tireless promoter of this important icon of Russian history. I have assmebled a collection of over 300 Russian model aircraft, books and magazines, uniforms, equipment. The collection also includes dozens of Russian model cars, tanks, military and too many things to name. The Museum, as it is known in the community takes 2 floors of my home in Brampton, Ontario and 90 feet of shelving in an aviation centre in Toronto. The museum, is dedicated to the workers, pilots, engineers and Russian people and the contents of my museum are a sacred tribute to them, and you. The musum is called "The Aeroflot and Russian Technology Museum Dedicated to the Memory of Pvt. Evgeny Radionov". Part of the responsibility of my museum is to give accurate information and views to Westerners who have an ignorant or ill-informed view of Russian history. I have been featured in publications, including both Aeroflot's inflight magazine, and corporate publication. The museum also includes my co-ownership of the cockpits of an AN-2, L410, and an air traffic control console, which are working flight simulators. In the coming months, a large part of my collection will be moved into a proper building which will serve as an aviation centre and museum!

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Taste of Russia September 9th, 2011

Little Russia Association of Canada would like to extend our sincere appreciation for everyone's attendance at the Taste of Russia event on September 8, 2011. The time you dedicated to this event reinforces our united commitment to the successful development and prosperity of Canada's Multi-Cultural communities. We look forward in seeing you at our future events.

Adel Naftaliev
Founding Director
Little Russia Association of Canada

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